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It all started when SURVIVOR DRIVERS founder Rick Seaman opened the Motion Picture Driving Clinic in 1997.  Rick says, "Having been a professional Hollywood stunt driver since 1967, I had trained and mentored dozens of up and coming young drivers until I finally thought about creating an actual training facility where stunt drivers could learn and hone their skills in a controlled environment."

Then, after a few years at "The Stunt Clinic", Rick began to think about
reaching out to young drivers. "It was always obvious to me", Rick says,
"that as stunt drivers, we have developed very keen senses and response conditioning.  And because of that, we seem to do much better than the average driver when things get crazy on the roads and highways.  We don't panic, and we respond by controlling the car the right way, by doing the right things, many of which don't come naturally to the average driver.

So, realizing that, I thought it would be a great idea to bring these
skills to our younger drivers.  You know, teach them while they are young and willing to learn. And even more important, if our classes can prevent just one life from being destroyed on the highway, then it's all worth it to me."


"I came to the class when I was 17.  I had no clue what I was doing in a
car.  I was a bad accident looking for a place to happen.  Now, I know how to keep myself out of trouble and better yet, I know how to see trouble coming my way."

Josh Hausefield
Porter Ranch, Ca. - student

"I learned how to drive by my mom.  It was summer.  Then the first time it rained, I totaled the car.  It was HER car."  The Survivor class showed me a lot about respect for the weather and everything else."

Sheri Robinson
Bakersfield, Ca. - student

"I really thought I could drive until I rode with one of Rick's guys.  I
mean, THAT'S DRIVING.  And if anybody can be half as good as his drivers, they're probably better than everybody I've ever ridden with."

Wendell Garza
Oxnard, Ca. - student

"My son was just like my husband.  Loved cars, loved to drive, but they
both crashed everything they had. It's been three months now, and I think things are better already."

Gina Torres
Newhall, Ca. - parent

"I had two tickets and three minor accidents by the time I was eighteen.
My father's insurance company said I should go to this school.  I thought
it would be boring and I wouldn't learn a thing, just take a test or
something. Let me tell you, what a surprise.  I mean it was very cool
doing stuff that I knew was making me a better driver."

Ricky Parrazza
Los Angeles, Ca. - student

"I could drive, but I was always freaked out by everything.  Now I've got
some confidence and I feel much more comfortable.

Sierra Renfro
Tucson, AZ - student

"I'm glad they made me go to this school before it was too late. I was too crazy on the road."

Michael Chang
Pomona, Ca. - student

"The class was great.  Now I ride with my friends and watch them drive.
Man, they are really messed up."

Aran Womble
Palmdale, Ca. - student

"When Chris got home after the first day, he couldn't stop talking about
the school.  And here we are a year later, and all I can say is THANK

John Hartman
Woodland Hills, Ca. - parent

"When we first started and they were talking about things like under steer and directional control, I thought I was done right there.  But when you feel it happening to you in the car, behind the wheel, it all makes sense.

If I take what they helped me understand, and don't drive dumb, I should
be able to stay out of accidents."

Julie Levan
Northridge, Ca. - student

"Learning from stunt guys was way too cool. I wanted to learn even more."

Justin Petraca
Simi, Ca. - student

"As an insurance agent, I suggested this class to one of my clients whose son AND daughter were having problems, accidents in particular. I just took a shot and found Survivor Drivers on the internet for them.  The
parents both attended and they called me after the first day and said I
have got to see this.  So I did.  All I can say is, this is the place."

Mitchell Gooden
Brentwood, Ca. - agent

"I was pretty concerned about getting my money's worth on this thing.  Now when my 17 year old rides with me, he tells me what I'm doing wrong, like when I was tailgating a semi, and he says he should be charging me for the instructions."

Thom Jenkins
Canyon Country, Ca. - parent

"When I was back in Ohio last year it snowed and I couldn't keep the car
on the road.  Now I can't wait to go back there.  Survivor Drivers rocks!"

Tracie Haas
Thousand Oaks, Ca. - student

"I used to think driver ed. was lame and unnecessary.  I thought I knew it all, like I was born to drive, you know. I took this class and now I KNOW I was born to drive.  Only difference now is, I feel like I'm on top of the whole thing.  Now I feel like I'm looking out for the flock.  Taking care, you know?"

Freddie Green
San Pedro, Ca. - student

"I thought driving was a cool thing. Like it was a good way to hang out
and be with friends.  I DID NOT want to take the driving class, and now
that I think about it, I probably didn't want to because I didn't know
anything about it. But after the first half day there, it hit me and I
realized the people there were really trying to help us be safe in our
cars.  Now when I see bad accidents on the news I don't just ignore it and walk away.  Now I think about what I learned and how other people need something like this to wake them up too".

Michelle Grissom
Las Vegas, NV - student

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